Welcome to Change Navigation

We are an independent management consultancy and offer many years management and consulting experience across a wide range of business sectors.

Operational Performance

Our combination of Lean expertise, coaching and team facilitation will ensure that your Operations deliver for your customers, your staff and your organisation.

Change Management

We have real experience of helping our clients deliver change in those industry areas which are tightly regulated, including nuclear, pharmaceuticals & rail.

Team Development

We use our experience of team working and team roles to ensure that teams work effectively to deliver the outcomes that their organisation and customers  require.


Delivering change in difficult, highly regulated environments


Understand and deliver our clients needs


The right fit of people and expertise


We aim to engage everybody within an organisation

Malcolm Gilmore

Harnessing Human Potential to Deliver Change & Improve Operational Performance

Real life experience for over 30 years of placing people at the centre of the solutions has enabled Malcolm to deliver high performance in teams and operations with highly regulated industries.

Case Studies

Our people have helped organisations to implement sustainable improvements in their performance and organisational change in very highly regulated business sectors where such changes are perceived to be near impossible.