Aligning Processes in Integrated Transport


Integrated Transport Organisation

    Key Facts

    The Integrated Transport service was reorganised to reflect activities rather than modes of transport.

    A new head of service was appointed to deliver change.

      Our approach was based around

      • Change management.
      • Process and Accountability Mapping.
      • Workplace Organisation.

      A new office layout has enabled effective communication and simplified processes.

      A thorough understanding of the current position and issues associated with it were determined by engaging staff from both inside and outside the service to develop SIPOC process maps developing RACI matrices. The process revealed areas where similar tasks were carried out in different ways and a lack of understanding of the purpose of the Integrated Transport Service. The latter leading to a degree of friction with other areas.

      A cross-section of people developed a clear “purpose statement” for the service. This in turn will be used to develop SMART service level agreements with other areas.

      Four clear activities performed by Integrated Transport were identified; which were used to develop the layout of a new office, where people would be co-located for the first time. The layout reflects process flow rather than reporting lines.