Amalgamating Enrichment Plants


Civil Nuclear Fuel Manufacturer

Provides enriched Uranium for use in Nuclear Power stations.

Sites are held in UK, Holland, Germany and USA.

The UK site has set out a vision for ‘sustained excellence’ in the delivery of their Enrichment Service

A key action of the vision sees a workforce reduction of up to 19% and the amalgamation of two plants, to prolong operational life.

    Key services provided

    • Change management
    • Project management
    • Operations improvement
    • Employee engagement
    • Hierarchical Task Analysis

    Their approach is enthusiastic, flexible with appropriate challenge. They have demonstrated knowledge and practise of a wide range of tools and techniques.

    Change Navigation used their expertise in change and operations management to develop an implementation plan to assist them in the amalgamation of two aging plants to reduce costs and extend their operational lives. Slow progress internally meant confidence in the project was waning.

    The team took a practical approach, engaging with people at all levels to identify solutions and provide a firm project/change plan. Accelerating the project, we gave them a framework and methodology to identify and resolve issues and conducted a pilot study on one shift. The outcome led to the regulator allowing the pilot study to commence within 24 hours of receiving the change proposal.

    Following the successful completion of the pilot study the amalgamation was confirmed.

    Change Navigation worked with UUK staff to develop structured training plans and material to cross train staff in the key tasks of each plant.