Customer Focussed Change


Major Truck Manufacturer

A leading manufacturer of quality truck and buses.

A UK subsidiary aiming to deliver excellence in customer service.

    Key services provided

    • Change management
    • Organisational redesign
    • Implementation planning

    Commitment to a new Strategy and a roadmap to potential savings of £400k per annum

    The parent company had designed a Retail Strategy centred on having entrepreneurial dealerships and a supporting market company.

    We focused on ‘how’ it could be successfully implemented. This involved changing the organisational structure, making several key appointments, feeling the pulse of the organisation; improving communications and developing a practical and tangible change plan of how to change the organisation.

    The results were:

    • The right people in the right job in a leaner organisation with an improved focus
    • Shared best practices to enable the company to get closer to the customer and improve customer satisfaction
    • A roadmap for change that kept the organisation and people aligned and successful
    • A united top team with agreed roles