GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)

Key services provided Engaged with product development teams to identify opportunities to increase the capacity of the teams without compromising quality.

    Our approach was based around

    • Lean
    • Capacity increase
    • Process analysis
    • Change Management
    • Team functioning and interaction
    • Preferred working styles

    Identified how capacity could be increased by up to 30%, maximising the client’s R&D investments and meeting their goals.

    New products are the lifeblood of major pharmaceutical organisations. The challenge is to develop products that can be manufactured economically and meet regulatory requirements. We worked with GSK to take a holistic systems view (people, process, technology) of the development function. This view gave a thorough analysis of work dynamics and productivity. A number of methodologies were deployed including team workshops, process analysis, bespoke “enablement questionnaires”, “big picture” mapping, work-type preference questionnaires and structured interviews.

    These enabled us to provide valuable solutions, including understanding why previous initiatives had not been sustained, engagement of frontline development teams, and an understanding of how and where value was generated and could be maximised. We assisted successful implementation by Coaching and mentoring directors through the change process.