Industry Wide Collaboration to Improve Performance and Serve Patients


A cross industry collaboration group connecting some of the world’s largest biopharmaceutical manufacturers to solve pertinent pre-competitive industry challenges, improve operational best practices and engage with key industry stakeholders.

    Key Services

    • Facilitation of face to face meetings and telcons.
    • Project Management.
    • Program Management.
    • Forming collaborative teams with representatives from up to 25 different organisations.

    Coordinated cross industry adoption of best practices developed by the leading subject matter experts saving the industry many millions of pounds

    The client brings together subject matter experts from across the industry and the world to focus on shared problems to develop robust solutions.

    Change Navigation has been engaged to manage and facilitate subject matters experts and leaders in aseptic fill finish operations to deliver solutions and new “best practices.” We have also facilitated the leadership group, to develop a co-ordinated program of projects tom deliver solutions to the most pressing solutions and provide the correct levels of governance.

    The engagement has involved the facilitation of teams composed of representatives from 25 different organisations who are based in Europe, USA and Asia. Team meetings are mainly held via Telecons requiring different facilitation techniques to those used in face to face team meetings with delegates from a single organisation.

    The team facilitated by us have published their findings and good practice guides in industry -wide publications which have been shared through social media.