Lean Thinking to Increase Capacity


Designer and manufacturer of Purification Equipment and Plant

A designer & manufacturer of centrifuge enrichment technology

    Key services provided

    • Change management
    • Project management
    • Operations improvement
    • Employee engagement
    • Hierarchical Task Analysis

    Integrated solutions following lean thinking to meet a one off opportunity.

    Facing an opportunity for rapid and large volume growth for products and services along with a short timescale in which to capture business placed significant operational pressures on the company.

    These included manufacturing ramp up, new product introduction and operating in new geographies.

    During a 20 month period performed diagnostic reviews to identify opportunities for improvement and to follow those up with the development and

    Implementation of action plans in:

    • Manufacturing support areas
    • Plant design and major projects
    • Master Resource Planning set-up
    • Purchasing development

    All the work we have undertaken been carried out in joint working teams & achieved:

    • The growth targets needed to double sales
    • Improved organisation, processes and procedures for more effective operation and control
    • Change plans in place across the functions in support of achieving the overall company objectives
    • Application of ‘lean thinking’ across the functions