Optimising a Ticket Office to Serve Everyone


Mass Transit Operator

    Key Facts

    • A major Underground Station required significant upgrade
    • It is one of busiest stations on the network
    • A new ticket office needed to support staff and improve passenger experience
    • An inclusive design required to enable disabled staff and passengers to use the ticket office

    Key services provided

    • Change management
    • Operations improvement
    • Employee engagement
    • Task analysis
    • Ergonomics

    Engaging staff to design the workspace, improving productivity and accessibility.

    Structured workshops were held with operational staff provided a detailed understanding of all ticket selling processes. This included standard shift processes and the required banking procedures.

    The process work was documented and this was used for clarification in the task analysis phase. A series of video observations were undertaken to gain a complete view of the tasks most frequently performed together with the equipment used, and the actions of staff.

    From this research and known anthropometric data (including wheelchair users) an initial design was developed with, tested by and signed off by the users.

    The opportunity was then taken to identify opportunities where processes could be improved and how the design and layout of the ticket office could be used to improve staff productivity and customer service.

    The new ticket office was readily accepted by staff and the lessons learnt used as a documented blue print for all future ticket offices in London Underground.