Volvo Truck and Bus

A leading manufacturer of quality truck and buses.

    Key services provided

    • Team Development

    A united top team with a plan to implement a strategy to save £400k.

    Having helped in the formation of a new executive team for a global vehicle. manufacturer in the UK. We had identified a number of ‘surprise fits’ in this selection process by finding people, had the potential in terms of suitability to make the grade at a senior level.. The task now was to bring the new team together to ensure a successful implementation of the new strategy.

    A programme had been developed and agreed with the Managing Director with the focus on business issues. The workshop provided MD with the opportunity to explain the new strategy in detail and to elicit constructive feedback from the new team. They made presentations to each to agree on the few key blocks and barriers that had the potential to harm the new strategy. Once these had been identified they agreed on the tactics that would be required to overcome them.

    They received 360 degree feedback on their managerial style within the team with recommendations to modify their behaviour where necessary.

    The results were:

    • A common understanding of the strategy amongst members so the team had real buy-in to the new way of working.
    • Ensured everyone understood and agreed how each function would interact with the rest of the organisation to eradicate potential ‘turf wars’ – particularly in terms of customer activity.