Working Smarter to Eliminate Waste


Civil Nuclear Fuel Manufacturer

Provides enriched Uranium for use in Nuclear Power stations.

Sites are held in UK, Holland, Germany and USA.

The UK site has set out a vision for “sustained excellence” in the delivery of their Enrichment Service

A key action of the vision sees a workforce reduction of up to 19% and the amalgamation of two plants, to prolong operational life.

    Key services provided

    • Lean methodology and implementation
    • Employee engagement
    • Operations improvement

    The team has made an extremely valuable contribution to us, working very successfully in collaboration to design the ‘Working Smarter’ programme.

    A series of interviews were conducted, followed by a workshop attended by selected representatives from all areas of the company, to establish a platform to investigate their processes and providing Arup with a view of what the employees understood by the term “Working SMARTer.”

    The team took a practical, hands-on approach with facilitation input, helping the client teams evaluate the benefits of the improvements with those fully implemented or undergoing trial. Opportunities were implemented in both production plants and non-production areas with the common aim of eliminating unnecessary work and improving quality.

    The process also benefited them by securing six figure cost savings, increasing efficient working methods, and the creation of a culture based on smarter thinking and working.